SimpleTouch FE 1.18 released

* Fixed a bug that would cause “Access violation” when using a launch image together with swf-files.
* Fixed a bug that would not clear the image/movie in the config program when right-clicking the image/movie.
* Fixed a bug in the auto-insert code that would add the program path to the image-setting. Even if no picture was found.
* Fixed a bug when using a multi-config-ini skin that would not properly load the correct config-skin.
* Fixed a bug where drag and drop would not add programs to the currently selected config.
* Fixed a bug where quotes or double quotes could be deleted if they where at the start and end of the parameters box.
* Added an option to set screen resolution before launching a game and then reset to old resolution upon exit.
* Added an option to use a default launch image with the skin.
* Added an option to use a custom cursor with the skin.
* Added an option to exit back to FE from attract mode after x number of movie/picture changes.
* Added an option to automatically start the FE on Windows startup.
* Added an option to change drive letter inside all ini-files.
* Added code to support all direct show codecs for video-display.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for copying/pasting size/position properties in skin mode. See readme.txt for details.
* Updated to the latest version of bass.dll as there were problems with the reading of some tags.
* Changed the layout of the FeConfig program slightly.
* Changed the launch code to hide the window when starting a console game e.g. Mame.