SimpleTouch FE

Front end designed to run on a touch screen, but can be used with a mouse as well.

  • Add games/programs with drag and drop
  • Support for animated GIF images as well as BMP, JPG and PNG
  • Support for video previews
  • Can play music in the background while browsing games
  • Supports multiple configurations/pages and the option to drag and drop games between them
  • Supports skins for each individual config page
  • Supports both delayed shutdown and a pincode protected shutdown
  • Optional shutdown screen with quit, shutdown, reboot, standby and hibernate
  • Take screenshots of games and add automatically to the FE
  • Run a selectable program at shutdown
  • Select between 172 different image transitions when browsing the games
  • Attract mode that displays pictures/videos of the games
  • Easily skinnable.  Available skins

Download version 1.18 – With flash support
Download version 1.18 – Without flash support